Welcome to The Opposite of Ordinary.  A fresh approach to the pedicure spa industry that challenges conventional thinking and finds a better way…


Nothing goes unnoticed. All our attention to detail is about more than looking good. It’s about creating a better pedicure experience for client and technician.

Our pedicure spas come with more features, value and uniqueness.

We task our designers with creating pedicure chairs that are a class above. That means loading many higher-class comforts into a much more affordable package. Rich features such as genuine cherry wood and curved arches distinguish Continuum from all the rest. Elevate your salon from the competition with a one of kind Continuum Pedicure Spa.

Design inspired by nature. And better for it, too.

We incorporate the energy and movement found in nature’s contours into the silhouette of every Continuum pedicure chair. The dynamic arch of an ocean wave. The perfect curves of a distant mountain. By using natural forms, we have made our pedicure spas more appealing to the eye. Thanks Mother Nature for giving us such elegant design inspiration.



There’s one thing missing from every Continuum pedicure spa.  Worry.  We test every spa to make sure nothing gets by us before it gets to you.

We don’t just make pedicure spas. We make American jobs.

Continuum Pedicure Spas is a family owned and operated business. We built our business the same way many of our customers have built theirs, from the ground up. Our New Berlin, WI warehouse is where our team creates every Continuum pedicure spa by hand. We use U.S. vendors for many of the major components, creating more American jobs beyond our facility. Continuum spas are built, designed and perfected right here in the USA.

Long-term quality you can depend on.

Our commitment to long-term quality in all our spas has impressed many salon owners and is producing significant results.  Less downtime, less problems means you can focus on growing your business one satisfied customer at a time.  Contact us today to learn why Continuum pedicure spas are the most dependable spas available.

We don’t believe in cutting corners.

We pay attention to every detail.  Even the ones we can’t control, like a customer accidentally standing in the basin.  A locally welded steel frame supports each basin to ensure it will never crack.  Our solid surface basin (standard on the Maestro, optional on the Echo) is hands-down the most durable basin available and it comes with a standard 5-year warranty to back it up.  It’s one of the details that lead to Continuum receiving the highest customer satisfaction ratings year after year.

Every spa has the Continuum Assurance.

We understand that buying a pedicure spa is a big decision. And we want you to know that you have made the right decision. That is why we provide the Continuum Assurance to keep your mind at ease. Enjoy a worry-free purchase knowing your spa is backed by the industries best “no hassle” warranty. Receive help from us whenever you need it, call anytime, we are local and here to assist. Before, during and after the sale, Continuum’s customer service department is ready to help.



Continuum is environment friendly.

Protecting the environment one pedicure spa at a time.

We challenged our design team to find new ways to lower our impact on the environment. They responded by creating the most eco-friendly line of pedicure spas available. Continuum pedicure spas are made with sustainable materials such as wood and a minimal amount of plastic to greatly reduce the environmental impact. Our welded steel frames are made from recycled metals. Our pedicure spas on average use 20% less hot water than other brands. Energy savings like these add up. Join the Continuum family today and become part of the industry’s most environmentally friendly company.


The National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas certified Continuum for our dedication to developing sustainable products.  We are the only pedicure spa company to receive this certification due to our use of natural and recycled components and much less plastic than other leading brands.  Continuum pedicure spas operate with fewer resources ensuring a better pedicure spa for you and the environment.