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Renee GorelikHer formal title may be sales associate, but Renee Gorelik’s role at Continuum Foot Spas is so much more. From closing deals with distributors, to getting rate quotes, building relationships in the beauty industry and yes, bringing humor to the office, Gorelik knows just how fun it can be to work for a rapidly growing, family-owned office.

Gorelik recently shared how her role has evolved since joining Continuum in May 2012. Gorelik currently resides in Wauwatosa with her boyfriend, Josh, daughter Kailyn and cat, Dutchess.

Question: How has your role evolved since you started at the company? Have you acquired new responsibilities or built new relationships with customers?

Gorelik: When I started at this company, I was new to the beauty industry. I have learned so much about this wonderful industry and built some great, long lasting relationships with our distributors and customers. I have been lucky to also work closely with our production team, shipping, and purchasing department. My position has evolved from starting in sales to now working closely with each department!

Q: What are some of your daily responsibilities as a sales associate?

Gorelik: On a daily basis I might set up new distributors, take sales calls, get rate quotes, work through any shipping hiccups, speak directly with customers to help problem solve and I provide product and distributor information. I also communicate with our distributors and sales reps through educational training conference calls. I hope to be involved with trade shows next year.

Q: It sounds like you work a lot with distributors. Do they know to contact you for sales-related subjects?

Gorelik: I hope so! It’s easy to get typecast into a role, especially since I’ve worked for a couple of years with customers on freight quotes, international shipping and moving orders around to accommodate their client’s needs. We have recently switched to a new software program that frees up some of the production and shipping tasks, allowing me to concentrate more on the sales side.

Q: Can you describe the relationship you have with distributors and customers?

Gorelik: I value each relationship I have formed with our distributors and customers. In each relationship I work to help close deals, solve any problems that may arise, whether it is shipping, space restraints, conveying information etc. I am building long time partnerships, not one time sales.

Q: How do you feel about this relationship?

Gorelik: Each distributor and customer I have come across has been just a pleasure to work with. I really enjoy helping them and there’s a lot of interesting people in this industry so we all have a lot of fun too.

Q: How would you describe Continuum’s company culture?

Gorelik: Being a family owned and rapidly growing company makes it the best place to work. Everyone is very close and we all have a great time together while working hard. It is the best of all worlds.

Continuum has been fortunate enough to grow very quickly, so we’ve had the pleasure of adding great new team members to our work environment. Working here has been great and I have met some wonderful people. Continuum has taught me a lot and continues to help me grow professionally

Q: How do you contribute to that culture?

Gorelik: I bring humor and a strong work ethic to this growing company.

Q: What is one of your short and long term goals with the company?

Gorelik: My short term goal is to continue to build strong and lasting relationships with existing and new distributors and customers.

One of my long term goals is to continue to learn as much as I can about this incredible industry and also to continue to learn from my peers here at Continuum. As opportunities open up, I would welcome advancements in sales or marketing, or perhaps to work with key accounts to help them with education, promotions and continued growth.

Q: What is something you do in your free time?

Gorelik: My free time is spent with my daughter, playing games, spending the nicer days outside, playing in the snow or, in warmer weather, running through all the great parks around us!

Q: What is one Milwaukee or Greater Wisconsin attraction or event that is still on your bucket list? How about outside of Wisconsin?

Gorelik: I would love to one day make it over to watch the polar plunge. I’ve heard it is very entertaining. Outside of Wisconsin I hope one day to road trip across the U.S. and see all the wonderful sites this great country has to offer!

Q: Where are you from originally?

Gorelik: I am originally from a suburb of Chicago; Highland, Park IL.

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