Q&A: Anne Berti enjoys growing with the company

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Shipping pedicure chairs internationally is no small feat. The job requires direct communication with distributors, packaging suppliers, shipping agents and freight forwarders. Spa chairs are a delicate shipment after all, and must arrive to their destination in one piece.

Anne Berti knows this. Since joining Continuum in January 2012 to assist in accounting, her position has expanded to add shipping and logistics. Her role has developed at the same brisk pace as the company’s growth. And she couldn’t be happier.

Anne Berti IMG_20140120_092545What made you want to work in the spa chair industry?

Anne Berti: It was a great change of pace from the home improvement industry that I was in before, which is somewhat of a construction industry. The spa industry is more enjoyable for me. I can relate with it better.

In what way?

AB: It’s a more glamorous product that you’re dealing with (spa chairs). I go and get pedicures myself and with girlfriends. It’s something I enjoy. I can appreciate the product.

How did you start at Continuum?

AB: I worked for one of the nation’s largest home improvement company for ten years. I needed a change of pace. So I put my resume out on Craig’s list and one of the owners came across it. One month and two interviews later, I was hired.

What new responsibilities have you acquired as the company has grown?

AB: When I started I mainly did accounting. Now I’m also involved with sales and working directly with the distributors. It’s challenging and rewarding. I really get to know the people that are purchasing our products. And Continuum’s distributor base has grown quite a bit since I started in 2012 so I am always learning more about the needs of our distributors in the USA and our international customers.

But Continuum was always shipping internationally. What’s changed?

AB: We were shipping to this market before, but our international market has grown so much that we’ve needed a designated person to handle it. Since I’ve started I can safely say we’ve doubled the amount of spas that we’re manufacturing now.

Wow! What has accounted for that growth?
AB: Continuum is a good group of people and many of them have years of experience in this industry. It’s also because we make our products here in New Berlin. A lot of people want to see Made-in-the-USA products. We’re developing quality here and management supports and stands behind their pride. Our whole company is very proud of what we make here.

IMG_20140108_111032_2861111Do you have a sense of pride at this job?

AB: Oh yes! It’s gratifying to work for a company that appreciates you and the growth that you help them achieve. Continuum is a smaller, family-based company and they are all really caring people. It is nice. I look forward to coming into work and at the end of the day I leave happy. Not a lot of people can say that about their jobs.

How do you see yourself continuing to advance?

AB: I feel that the business has been growing throughout the past two years. My position may be more defined in one area if it’s dealing with distribution or handling shipping. That aspect of carving out my own niche is going to make me even more dedicated.

I grew with the last company I was at and enjoyed watching it grow. So now, I’m starting with another company (Continuum) that has been up-and-coming for a couple years now and spreading their wings and growing. I enjoy doing that—growing with the company. I think they’re doing an awesome job.

Berti lives in New Berlin with her husband and dog, Fritz.

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