Eco Friendly Foot Spas Benefit More Than Just The Environment

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Being Eco friendly is probably not something your customers think about when they are relaxing in your pedicure spa.

That said, the Continuum Pedicute Portable Foot Spa might just give them something to think about the next time they come in for an appointment.

Germaphobe or not, it is a good idea for salon owners to keep a close eye on how their foot spas are maintained by their employees and how often. The EPA requires that any foot spa should be disinfected between each customer, and nightly. The disinfectant needs to work for the full time listed on its label, typically 10 minutes, depending on the type of disinfectant. Proper cleaning and disinfection can greatly reduce the risk of transferring infections, by reducing the bacteria that can build up in the foot spa system.

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With all the features of their larger predecessor pedicure chairs, the Continuum Pedicute portable foot spa is much more than just a bowl of water.

It is compact and lightweight. It has a removable tub that is easy to clean and refill. There is no plumbing or installation required because it does not have any hoses or external connections. This eco-friendly foot spa only uses 1.5 gallons of water, which is 80% less water than a larger spa. It also has disposable liners that are 100% recyclable.

Why does this matter?

The benefits of these features are three fold. It is eco-friendly, cost effective, and safe to the spa worker and the user. It is eco-friendly because it uses less water, the liners are recyclable, and does not require harmful chemicals to clean it as long as the liner and water are replaced. It is cost effective because; there is no cost for installation, it reduces water use, and it reduces or eliminates chemical use and maintenance time. It is safe to the user because there are no hoses where germs can hide and grow, and spa workers are much more likely to use all new water than mix chemicals.

Because the Continuum Pedicute Portable Foot Spa only uses 1.5 gallons of water and has a recyclable liner, it is more cost and time effective to simply replace the water and the liner. For those salons that charge an hourly rate, less maintenance means more time for the customer to enjoy the services rather than waiting to use the spas. It also means a the chance to work with more clients, and that’s good for business.

The Continuum Pedicute Portable Foot Spa provides a safe and sanitary pedicure that benefits the environment, the salon owner, and ultimately the customer.


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