Continuum serves international clients at Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event

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Continuum Simplicity With the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event right around the corner, Continuum Pedicure Spas is gearing up to be a displaying vendor. Premiere Orlando is one of the nation’s largest beauty shows. It is held at the Orlando Convention Center under the same roof as Premiere DAYSPA (the esthetician/skincare leg of the convention) from May 31 until June 2. Continuum will feature its product updates at Premiere Orlando, which focuses on hair and nails, June 1 – 2. New black footrests on the Vantage and Echo spas will make a debut appearance. In addition to changing the color, the new black footrest for the Vantage and Vantage Plus has been upgraded to an adjustable fiberglass. The Echo and Echo Plus footrest will feature a high-quality hardened foam.

As the name suggests, Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event attracts an international audience from the Caribbean and South America. Continuum has shown at Premiere Orlando since 2007 and has lined up its best pedicure spas to meet the needs of international spas and resorts.

Our pedicure spas promise high quality manufacturing and a rich aesthetic to enhance any customer’s experience at an exotic Argentinian or Brazilian resort. We want all of our customers to feel confident in the Continuum product they purchase. That’s why we especially recommend the Pedicute and the Simplicity to our international client base.

Neither the Pedicute nor Simplicity requires plumbing or installation. The Simplicity features a lightweight removable tub that fills from a standard sink without any hoses or connectors. The tub’s design holds up to 1.5 gallons of water and comfortably fits a size thirteen shoe size. We also offer disposable, recyclable liners to offer a worry-free alternative to cleaning and disinfecting a jetted basin. Customers love the Simplicity’s vibrating aqua foot massage and heat, and rolling/kneading or full Shiatsu massage in the chair.

Pedicute is Continuum’s truly portable footspa that can be rolled to a poolside cabana, resort room or salon. Its compact and lightweight design has portability and convenience in mind. Just like the Simplicity, the Pedicute’s tub holds up to 1.5 gallons of water and is easily filled at a sink. It offers the same disposable liners as well as three levels of oscillating massage and heat so your customer enjoys a luxurious experience. The Pedicute and Simplicity are also the two easiest units for Continuum to offer 220-voltage with alternative plug types.

As always, Continuum guarantees parts for up to one year from the purchase of any Continuum product to international clients to compensate for their lack of access to our service technicians in the States.

We look forward to seeing you in sunny Orlando! Please visit us at booth #2306.

Here are some tips to making the most of any trade show visit:

1. Have literature mailed or emailed to you rather than carrying it around the show. This way you are sure to receive a follow up letter or phone call to ask any questions about the products, company and warranty.
2. Know your budget and space requirements. This will help you select the best pedicure spa and equipment for your needs.
3. Get a business card from whomever you spoke with at the booth. Reach out to them after the show for recommendations. These can include building your network of distributors, suppliers and industry publications.
4. Wear comfortable shoes!

Look for more trade show tips on Continuums next blog post.


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