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Continuum Simplicity Pedicure SpaSometimes, the best ideas are simple. Three years ago, Continuum Pedicure Spas changed the salon and spa industry forever when we introduced the Simplicity, a pedicure spa that requires no plumbing or installation. Domestic and international markets jumped at the opportunity to have a pedicure chair that you just plug in and seat your client for an incredible pedicure experience. A totally innovative design, coupled with a low-maintenance foot tub that still offered all the luxuries the market demands was an instant success with salons, resorts and spas worldwide.

The Simplicity offers a luxurious rolling and kneading back massage, a manual four-way seat with armrests that swing up for easy enter/exit, an easy-lift removable tub, and an aqua foot massage system with three levels of soothing heat and vibration. Our patented adjustable leg support and contoured footrest pads allow both client and technician total comfort. Its counterpart, the Simplicity Plus, kicks the experience up a notch. Simplicity Plus offers a full shiatsu massage (also known as deep tissue massage with rolling, kneading, tapping, knocking), an electronic four-way seat, fold-down manicure trays with cup holder, and the same leg/footrest assembly, removable tub, and aqua foot massage system. For those who prefer a basic spa, all Continuum pedicure chairs can be ordered without a back massage system.

No plumbing or installation means Simplicity’s sanitation is as simple as the chair’s name suggests. Its 1.5-gallon foot tub can be filled from a standard sink. Salons may also purchase disposable, recyclable liners for an uncomplicated alternative to cleaning and disinfecting the foot tub. Each client gets a fresh tub liner, which acts as a barrier between the surface of the footbath and the client’s feet, preventing contamination and the spread of pathogens. Ultra-fast cleanup frees from ten to fifteen minutes between pedicures—time that would usually be spent sanitizing the jet system of a traditional pedicure spa can now be used to book more services!

Continuum Simplicity Pedicure SpaThe Simplicity and Plus chairs’ elegant curves and timeless design will enhance your salon and spa for years to come. While most pedicure spas on the market are made from plastic, Continuum builds this spa from domestically sourced natural wood, a heavy duty steel frame and buttery soft upholstery. That means even though the Simplicity is less work for you, it doesn’t prevent your customers from a first- class pedicure spa experience. The Simplicity is also available in 220-voltage with alternative plug types for international marketplaces.

Like so many other salon owners that have purchased the Simplicity, -Stephanie McMenimen, of Bangz Salon, Florida raves, “Now that I have purchased the Simplicity Chair from Continuum I have experienced a level of professionalism like no other and the quality of their product is exceptional. In comparison to pedicure chairs sold by its competitors the Simplicity chair has a better design making pedicures better for both the technician and for the client. Clients have made so many wonderful comments. Some have referred to it as “The Cadillac of Pedicure Chairs.” Clients have said the pedicure chair/system provides them with the comfort of a spa chair while reassuring them of the cleanliness with the tub liners. I am so pleased with my new chair. I know a made a great investment. I want to thank you for the wonderful experience. I want to thank you for everything.”

With all the beauty and features of a luxury spa and half the clean-up time, that’s a reason to celebrate simple!

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